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  1. Personal EDN Ansible Playbooks

    By Maor


    Here's how most of the tasks look like:

    [{:name "hi"
      :hosts ["localhost"]
      :vars {:user "_____"
              :home "/home/"}
      [{:file {:path "/"
                :state "directory"}
        :loop [".local/bin"

    Using multiline strings is straightforward, despite not being the prettiest thing I've seen:

    {:name "Sway environment variables …
  2. Attempting REPL-Driven Development in Python

    By Maor

    Be wary that this article is Emacs-centric, but you can take some ideas out of here for other editors as well. A lot of the heavy lifting here is done by IPython, therefore is ideally editor-agnostic.

    Here are a couple of plugins/articles for other editors that may be relevant …